Why Prices Are So High ?

because you get the back links on top quality websites which has an excellent ranking on google u should know its better getting 1 backlink from a very good website (like newyourtimes, msn , yahoo etc ) than getting 100000 back links from junk websites that will even hurt your ranking !!! or even worst if they will get you banned from google !

How Do I Know Your Websites Are Good ?

we use majestic and some secretes ways but any good SEO will tell you that they can check the website quality with majestic . its more than enough

What Are Citation Flow And Trust Flow ?

citation flow : A measure of how influential a URL might be based on how many sites link to it. ( AKA Link Quantity)
Trust Flow: A measure of how influential a URL might be based on the quality and authority of the sites that link to it. ( AKA Link Quality)

What Happens When I Stop Paying Or It Failed Charging My Credit Card For Any Reason ?

we will remove your back links and restore when paid again (incase failed charing we will retry few days later)

How Much Time I Should Wait To See Results ?

depends on the quality of the back links you bought , as example the first 10 top of our websites must make the change in max 3-5 days . we suggest you check your position on google before the order and recheck it after few days .

Do You Accept Any Websites ?

no porn or any gambling

Is There Any Money Back Gurantee ?

no sorry there isnt. esepcialy not in the plantinum package as we put alot of time in writing the content for you